From the Beatles to Adele love is, of course, the basic principle of modern life. It is everywhere: in music, in cinema, tv, soap operas, and art.

And, if, as Fuster says, love is something we’ve learned from de Troubadours, let’s experiment and listen to the song “Angels” by Robbie Williams to find how closely do troubadour lyrics coincide with their modern equivalent: the hit parade in the modern songs. Then, fill the gaps with the appropriate words and try to find some similarities between the song and the courtly love.

*Remember some aspects about the courtly love (the love of the troubadours):

  • The beloved was not so much human but divine.
  • It emphasized nobility and chivalry.
  • Love was something disciplined and morally elevated. 

"Angels" – Robbie Williams 

I sit and wait
Does an angel ____________ my fate
And do they know
The places where we go
When we're grey and old
'cos I have been ____
That salvation lets their wings unfold
So when I'm lying in my bed
Thoughts _______ through my head
And I feel that love is dead
I'm loving angels instead

And through it all she _______ me protection
A lot of love and _______
Whether I'm right or wrong
And down the waterfall

Wherever it may _____ me
I know that life won't break me
When I come to call she won't forsake me
I'm loving angels instead

When I'm feeling weak
And my pain walks down a one way _____
I look above
And I know I'll always be blessed with love
And as the feeling _____
She breathes flesh to my ______
And when love is dead
I'm loving angels instead


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